ownership of Domain and Hosting

Why Client should have Ownership of their Domain and Hosting

As a website owner, You should have control over your domain, email and hosting accounts. As a service provider, We provide web analytics, social media or SEO tools with sole Ownership of your account as an excellent practice & professional approach.

We ensure that our client runs its business with minimal maintaining. It’s an important part to hear a client’s demand. As a web developer, if we cannot understand the client market, we are unable to change or achieve something.
“If account ownership doesn’t get by the actual business owner, it is then a professional, ethical and legal concerns.”

Ownership of Domain and Hosting - Codespuzzle

Domain ownership is critical. Basically it depends on the domain name, DNS record, email and hosting. If a business loses control of their domain, the implication can be significant:

  • Firstly, the domain stops pointing the sight. If they have no longer online presence, search QA will disappear.
  • Second, the domain can be expired.
  • Thirdly, every minute of downtime is a direct hit to the bottom line. it’s awful for the business person.
  • Finally, confidential information disclosed.

“If your business loses control of your domain name, you may lose access to the official email with it.”

Suppose domain expires and someone else takes this, one could easily recreate existing email address and continue receiving a massage. They also can recover or change the password. It will be a nightmare for a site holder. We may save our clients here.

Our client’s privacy is not forgotten

Nowadays its a government strict rules to protect customers PII (personally identifiable information). Chances are we provide the service of building websites, not regulatory compliance. our client should seek guidance from legal professionals who specialize in this area. We can help mitigate some risk by recommending the right hosting and security products.

Set clients up for success

As a web professional, we want to provide our clients with the best service. It’s a good practice and we may strongly be recommended by our clients.

There are some strategy for empowerment your client:

Make product purchases one our first step

We walk our clients through properly purchasing their domain. its make us more reliable.

These tactics we follow –

  1. -create a getting started cheat sheet. Include clear, step-by-step directions on what products/services to consider.
  2. -Walk them through the process.it will appreciate and encourage by the client.
  3. -Set everything up on their behalf.

This process is even easier if our clients are buying Codespuzzle products.

Offer own hosting service

It’s a nice chunk of recurring revenue for a web service provider. Reseller hosting plans and programs have their pros and cons, so think about that which is fits for your business plan. It either case, you will have your own account, even though you are buying the hosting from Us.

Ownership of Domain and Hosting - Codespuzzle

Transfer existing account ownership to our client

We can migrate the client’s site to a hosting account that they own after the contract is done with us. And if they don’t have to make email migration as painless as possible, we can get in touch with the support team for the email hosting provider that clients are migrating to. These support teams are usually more than happy to bring a new customer onto their platform.

Help client retake control from someone else

If our client has an account which is controlled previous, here we can provide guidance and support. For enrolling your domain, you can seek help by communicating with Codespuzzle.

For email or hosting, clients need to contact the current service provider. if you have no actual idea about the provider you can use Codespuzzle.

Bake ownership details into contacts

Be pro-active by including details in our contract regarding client’s ownership of their domain, hosting and email.

On behalf of our client, We can manage client’s domain, email and hosting. If you follow the suggestion of Codespuzzle, it improves the security of your account.


This article was written by Asia Afreen Chowdhury. Image from Freepik & Unsplash.

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