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What makes a great eCommerce site that really sells

Nowadays one can easily be influenced by eCommerce sites like Amazon or Alibaba and want to open his own business site. But, opening a reliable and competitive site is not so easy and it needs a lot of effort along with great planning. A person may have many clever business strategies, but none of them will work without a functional website. Today we will discuss the necessary features of an eCommerce site.

Must-have features for an eCommerce website

The features and the functionalities of an eCommerce site may vary on the type of products it would sell or depends on one’s taste. But an eCommerce site needs to have some common features that will help it to become more functional.

Custom cart & checkout

Cart and checkout is a basic feature of every eCommerce site. But, for selling more products, an eCommerce site needs a custom cart and checkout option which will allow its customers to explore and buy various products by keeping them in one single page. The regular cart and checkout option won’t give the customers this satisfaction.

Displaying products on the menu bar

A complete menu which includes all the categories, all the featuring products, all the discount and other offers of an eCommerce site will make a good sell. So, a good eCommerce site needs a Mega Menu with all these items. It will show all the products easily and most quickly to the customers before they decide what to buy.

Product variation

A good eCommerce site needs to have a large variety of products and they should have arranged in a right and respective categorical order on the website. Different types of customers will look for different types of products and the customers may leave when they don’t find the products in the right category.

Payment method

One of the important features of a good eCommerce site is its payment method because it is the way one can earn money. To make a more functional eCommerce site, one must include several local payment systems as well as some international payment systems considering the different kinds of customers who want to pay in different ways.

Currency switcher

Currency Switcher is one of the smartest features of an eCommerce site because it relieves the international customers from calculating the price of a product on their currency and saves their times. This feature can easily show them the price of a product in their currency when they try to buy a foreign product and they can also switch their money from one currency to another.

Custom wishlist

A good eCommerce site also has a custom wishlist besides a cart so that the customers can easily add their desired products in the wishlist as they may not ready to buy them on that time. If they can easily manage their wishlist and can add or remove products from the list according to their comfort, they will come back later to buy products from the site.


There are a lot of things one must do to build an eCommerce site that will help him to sell more products. All the features mentioned above will attract a large number of visitor and let them buy their necessary goods comfortably. On the other hand, a good eCommerce site will also have to be easy to manage for the owner at the same time. There is a wonderful option for building a good eCommerce site, our Codespuzzle. Our eCommerce website includes all of the features of a functional eCommerce site.

Building an eCommerce site can be a pain if anyone doesn’t use a suitable platform and at the same time, he can also get confused as there are a lot of options for building a site. In that case, one can easily take help from Codespuzzle.

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