April 01, 2020
Work type:
Design / Development
Arefin Dipu
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How it Works

Product means training. The ten topics we covered in the virtual event will now be turned into training; That’s virtual too! Kind of E-training! And the training modules will be arranged by the best trainers in the country! What am I keeping! Digital Marketing Social Media Content Writing, Content Marketing, E-Commerce Sales Copywriting, SEO and of course F-Commerce Content Layout Management! (Needless to say, it will add new trends to the world of content) However, it is by no means exclusive; A lot will be added! It must be done step by step and by calculating the feedback base!
For now, these are the bird’s eyes! And you will get the surprise in a few days. And yes, we will offer very reasonable and competitive prices; Looking for industry insiders. The announcement was made; You start the thought. Talk Digital is now becoming Talk Digital Training Platform!

Process & Results

 Key tasks we have done listed below: 

• Scratch the design structure with extended revision
• Clean and fresh looking page making with lots of post
• Page structure creating for better redability
• Easy visual editing enable for soothing access
• Creating a fast-browse international stranded  website
• Multi-Device support feature add and usability testing
• Admin panel & Login window reform for easy use
• Create visual content for remodeling
• Some onsite optimization need for website health