April 09, 2019
Work type:
Development / Redesign
Amra Moner Bondhu Foundation
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How it Works

Moner Bondhu offers mental healthcare services and organize series of training and workshops to open dialogues and seek solutions. Our theory of change is awareness can promote knowledge and recognition that mental illness is a thing, an illness and it needs care. That way it will make mental support accessible to everyone. And, I believe that this awareness will bring more and more people to get professional mental health care and counselling.

Coming from a starting point where we face many challenges and disapproval, now we experience positive changes. Our beneficiaries are continuing their sessions and their friends and families are attending all these awareness-building program to share their success stories and enlighten others. Our beneficiaries shared good feedback with us where our help have reshaped their perspective and brought confidence in life. And, they are recommending other people to come for help too.


Process & Results

We completed the redesign process from scratch. Key points tasks we have done listed below: 

• Initial design structure set up
• Home page total modification & redevelop
• Page structure re-format in whole website
• Easy visual editing enable for soothing access
• Maintain international stranded of mental health websites 
• Multi-Device support feature add and usability testing
• Admin panel & Login window reform for easy use
• Create visual content for remodeling
• Some onsite optimization need for website health

When we have done the works, Moner Bondhu website wear a new wrap with updated materials in new look.