May 01, 2019
Work type:
Design / Development
Mehedi Hasan Akash
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How it Works

Numerous questions keep popping into our heads every day. Some questions are just curiosity, and it is very important for us to know the answers to some questions. The most important thing is that the team thinks that the desire to know the unknown is the most important thing. You too can be our companion in the journey of knowing the unknown to satisfy all the questions and curiosities of the mind. 

Kikenokivabe is an infotainment service. The birth of infotainment is a combination of two English words (Information + Entertainment = Infotainment). In Bengali it can be called information based entertainment. The goal of Kikenokivabe is to create quality content in Bengali for the nearly 300 million Bengalis around the world. Kikenokivabe is operated from Bangladesh. The purpose of Kikenokivabe is to present the specific story in a simple and concise way keeping in mind the needs of all classes of viewers. Due to the limitations of the medium, it is not easy to have a full discussion on the subject in our content. And so the team believes that if you want to gain a thorough knowledge of a subject, there is no substitute for reading the primary text related to the subject. Kikenokivabe is just a platform to know the unknown. Together we will create an enlightened world. 

We will explore the unknown through the active participation of readers and viewers of Kikenokivabe. At present, 2 days a week, every Monday and Thursday at 8 pm Bangladesh time and 7.30 pm Indian time, the video is being published regularly. Why and how the team is moving forward with the goal of releasing a new video every day in the future.


Process & Results

As for infotainment website, we have challenged to contain information alongside videos. We embade videos in article’s pages with maintain ratios. So, we tried to do something fresh and clean looking web-page. Key tasks we have done listed below: 

• Scratch the design structure with extended revision
• Clean and fresh looking page making with lots of post
• Page structure creating for better redability
• Easy visual editing enable for soothing access
• Creating a fast-browse international stranded  website
• Multi-Device support feature add and usability testing
• Admin panel & Login window reform for easy use
• Create visual content for remodeling
• Some onsite optimization need for website health

We achieved our targeted goal at end of the project. It is now serve 2.5 Milloons size of audience.