February 12, 2020
Work type:
Re-Design / Ideas
Infolady Social Enterprise LTD
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How it Works

Dnet, a not-for-profit Social Enterprise, launched the Infolady model back in 2004 to test and shape the modern women social entrepreneur model. The first iteration was comprised of ‘rural information centers’, outposts containing a computer with preloaded content on agriculture, health, and legal aid. In 2010 Dnet developed a business model that would bring last-mile connectivity to rural Bangladeshi women, as well as empower Bangladeshi women to become entrepreneurs, challenging traditional gender roles. This model was called ‘Infolady’. Later in 2016, Dnet launched a for profit social enterprise iSocial (Infolady Social Enterprise Limited) to run the Infolady model as a social enterprise.

A social enterprise working to benefit women, children and adolescent reaching the BoP at doorsteps with NextMile™ by empowering Kallyani™ while providing market intelligence with DataSense™.


Process & Results

Firstly, we research and analyze the whole website and given uneatable materials in an extended way. Within various process we figure out how the data and page can be re-construct. After our research, we build a prototype demo & communicate with client. Our team re-frame the revised sections according to client’s instructions. Then finally we completed the redesign process. Key points tasks we have done listed below: 

• Initial content set up as the base of the content tree
• Home page shortcode error solve
• Page structure re-format in some pages (DataSense, Career)
• Team member page re-format with a short bio
• Demo data from the theme & false links change by real ones
• Lots of section can be beautified by remodeling content placement
• Admin panel & Login window reform by omitting unnecessary data
• Removing WordPress footprints form websites front-end system
• Some onsite optimization need for website health

After our reconstruction, iSocial website got a new package with updated materials and needful information about the company.