August 07, 2019
Work type:
Design / Development
Shajib Borman
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How it Works

Heritage Walk Dhaka is a research consultancy firm with a guided tour agency. They have archaeologists, architects, photographers & food reviewers as guides. Besides guiding, They provide research, consultancy on diversified aspects of Dhaka.

They provide Heritage Tours, Walking Tours, Food Tours, Tailor-made Heritage trip for FnF, Consultancy for historical and archaeological content on film, television, and fiction and non-fiction documentary.


Process & Results

They are a group of unique and dynamic people. Their innitiative is so loved for us. We feel proud to be part of this. Heritage walk Dhaka is a walking tells of our own Dhaka. This website needed to be functional as much as themetic. Our combined effort may reached at desired position. Key tasks we have done for this project listed below: 

• Scratch the design structure with extended revision
• Build functional design with historic theme & fresh looking page 
• Easy visual editing enable for soothing access
• Tour based content formation ready
• Multi-Device support feature add and usability testing
• Easy to search & Booking system build
• Create visual content for remodeling
• Some onsite optimization need for website health

We achieved our targeted goal at end of the project. It is now serve various type of content to a huge audience.