Jan 01, 2021
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Design / Development
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GUNIJAN - Journal of Bangladeshi eminent

How it Works

Those who have worked and are still working to establish peace, humanity and social justice with their creative thinking, thinking and talent, who continue to inspire us through their writings, vocabulary, scientific discoveries and works of art and other creations, to these talented people of our beloved homeland. This is a multi-faceted initiative to introduce the new generation. Gunijan started its journey in 2003 and today it has made its debut as a trust.

The main objective of the Gunijan program is to make it easier for the next generation to find their source of inspiration through all publications, including web journals built on the best children, so that they become more motivated, quality and creative in fulfilling their responsibilities to the country. The geniuses have been recognized for their contributions in various fields at different times and the biographies of many of them have already been published by various publishing houses. However, most of these publications and recognitions are fleeting. This is because most of the time after the publications are distributed, they are no longer found or difficult to collect. In that case online archive is a permanent medium and anyone can collect information from here at any time.
It is considered as a source of information for journalists. This online archive is especially useful for those who have to write reports or articles about famous people at different times. They are able to enrich their writing with different information from here.

Process & Results

 Key tasks we have done listed below: 

• Scratch the design structure with extended revision
• Clean and fresh looking page making with lots of post
• Page structure creating for better redability
• Easy visual editing enable for soothing access
• Creating a fast-browse international stranded  website
• Multi-Device support feature add and usability testing
• Admin panel & Login window reform for easy use
• Create visual content for remodeling
• Some onsite optimization need for website health