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How to choose a Domain Name for your Website

Most probably a suitable name for the domain is the first and most important thing while opening a website. A beautiful domain name is the first impression for the targeted customers and it gives them complete whereabouts about the website. By working as a brand it can attract a large number of viewers towards the site also.
As there is a huge competition in the market of buying a brandable domain name, one must keep some important things in his mind before buying his favourite name. There are some important things and steps which we should consider before buying a domain name.

Domain Name Comes as a Brand

As the domain name is the thing what people see at first and type to visit a website, it should be brandable. If a domain name can represent the purposes of a site or represent the generic name of the product it sells, it will help the site to reach a large number of people. The main domain name is also way more important than the extension it has.

Be Precise

A large name of a site will make the customers bored and it also increases the chances of typing mistake which will lead the customers to another competitor’s site. So, a good domain name should short and very precise.

Be an Early Bird

It is better to buy a suitable domain name as early as possible after deciding on launching a site as there is a stiff competition of buying the names. If late, one may not find his desirable domain name available as it may have been bought by another while he is thinking.

Easy to Type and Pronounce

A domain name which is easy to pronounce and type will make it more brandable as people do not have much time to type a long and complex name. A complex name will also reduce the probability of revisiting a site even it has useful content.

Avoid Hyphens

A domain name with a hyphen in it is harder to visit than a name without one as the visitors may not remember it and it may lead them to another similar competitor’s site. So, a good domain name should avoid using hyphens.

To know how a beautiful domain name can impact business, we can visit the top and most popular brands of the market. One should choose his domain name properly as a domain name which represents the aspects of the site will make it popular in a very short time.

How to Register a Domain Name

One can’t have a particular domain name in his possession by only thinking about it. One must require to pay the certain fees for a domain name if it is available and make it registered to use the name. Sometimes, one must pay every year to renew the registration of the name.

As sometimes the hosting company who registers the domain name, may not provide the full ownership of the domain or demand extra fees for renewing the name, it is better to register a domain name all by yourself rather relying on the hosting providers.

Domain registration follows three simple steps –

  • Search the domain name and check its availability,
  • Create an account by giving all the necessary information,
  • Pay the fees and check out.
  • Thus a domain becomes all yours.

As there are several options, sometimes it is confusing which registration company we should choose. There are some recommended domain registrars one can choose to buy a domain name.


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Namecheap is an all-rounder domain registrar who provides the service of registration, hosting and maintaining the domain at a rate of $10.69/yr for .com domains. They have a good suggestion engine along with a very straightforward checkout system and superfast chat support.


Godaddy is one of the most popular domain registration companies as it offers some of the best deals with comprehensive pricing. Considered as one of the cheapest domain registrar companies, it has over 13 million happy customers and 62 million domains under management. Godaddy offers private registration and domain certification during the checkout process as well as providing domain brokering service and premium domain names., an ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, can be the right choice for the name seekers as its goal is to reach the customer by offering the robust domain and renewal service. It has also a great pricing policy and a commitment to world-class customer service.

1&1 Internet

Currently serving over 10 million customers with reliable web hosting and domain registration service, 1&1 is the fastest growing web hosting provider. As one of the largest providers, it offers some of the best deals by providing domain names with different suffixes with different charges.

A brandable domain name is the first thing one should consider before building a popular website as it carries a great deal of value to the site. On the other hand, the maintenance and costing of a website depend on the provider from which the domain name has been bought. This article will help anyone in choosing the best domain name as well as reliable domain name providers for his dream website.

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