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Benefits Of Using WooCommerce to Build eCommerce Website

Just like purchasing any product, choosing the best online store platform for a specific business compels a lot of research where one can also need to analyze all the tradeoffs among the available alternatives. There are multiple options out there that can leave you in confusion. These days, a lot of e-commerce platforms are gaining popularity among small businesses. Their ease of use, usability, and availability of a large development community is playing a considerable role in their popularity. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. It is not only popular but also easy to use and most feasible. It provides promising assistance in the long run from a digital commerce platform. So if you own a business irrespective of small or large scale, you can consider trying WooCommerce.

What exactly does WooCommerce do?

WooCommerce is a flexible open-source e-commerce solution that is built on WordPress. The WordPress plugin available on WooCommerce helps publishers sell products online. The basic version of WooCommerce that is considered similar to WordPress is free to use. But in case you are looking for features like booking an appointment, Pricing for subscription, and a product recommendation engine, then these may come on an extra price. The WooCommerce platform is simple to handle from setting up this platform to shopping and getting it run for a long duration of time. The method for adding products is quite straightforward.

Benefits of WooCommerce

WooCommerce minimizes all the unnecessary expenses and helps your business run on a firm pedestal without troubling your budget and helping undertake profitable opportunities. It can prove to be the best platform for your small scale business.

WooCommerce offers a free platform: One of the biggest benefits of WC is that its basic version comes for free. It has enough features to run your small scale business during its advent. One can also enhance its business operations by adding some revenue for inclusive features of WooCommerce.

Flexibility to easily connect with thousands of plug-ins: WooCommerce is a platform that is entirely customizable and extendable. You can add more features to your WooCommerce platform with thousands of free and paid plug-ins. Some examples of the most outstanding add-ons include:

  • Product Table: all the product manuals, orders, trades, and forms in a tabular form making it easy to search and monitor data. This is also a precise way to increase your WooCommerce conversations rates.
  • Aelia Internationalization plug-in: this supports multi-currency accomplishment through which you can internationalize your business. This lets you take your e-commerce website to an international scale.
  • Password Protect: it lets you hide or protect parts or all of a WooCommerce store. This is one of the most important plug-ins of WooCommerce.
  • Private Stores: it is suitable for public stores with wholesale areas, customers-specific products, or complete members-only stores.
  • Table Rate Shipping: it provides weight-based shipping.
  • Bookings & Events Calendar: it lets you sell the product’s ongoing subscription and recurring payment. The events calendar features help you create bookable events with calendars and date pickers.


The plugin offers a highly-secure trading platform for its users. It keeps the customer’s personal data safe and protects the data from online fraud and phishing scams. It regularly gets updated and fixes bugs promptly offering them the preemptive benefit to proffer solutions.

Easy Analytics

WooCommerce helps you to maintain track of the time and sales when your customers are shopping. Keeping track of all the valuable data can optimize and enhance your site’s performance. All these data can be obtained in the form of stats and simple pie charts. One can also combine modern analytical applications like Kissmetrics Heatmaps and Google Analytics into your eCommerce site.

Affordable WooCommerce Websites

Numerous web agencies help develop WooCommerce websites for all budgets. This makes it fit the price range for almost all the website owners, helping them to work on the masses.

If you are considering choosing an e-commerce platform, then you can find several web development companies that offer installation, which can prove to be a profitable choice for your company. These open-source platforms provide full ownership of content and data permanently allowing store managers to run an e-commerce site themselves, without the necessity of any web developer.

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